Salam & Hi, SICK? Yep, that’s the word. Been away all this while cause I’ve being admitted to the hospital. Two days for a start. So that the doctors can run their diagnosis on me. Followed by another 4 days a week after due to a so called major surgery (it took them 2 & […]

Here’s a list of what we always thought as UNHEALTHY food, unfortunately they weren’t. So, YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!! 1. POPCORN This is good. So now I don’t have to feel guilty when I have to get myself into that so tempting Garret popcorn in KLCC. I’ve read that that popcorn which pops out due to air contain […]

As salam & Hi, This is my first post in my blog. Ermmm…. After months and months of thinking on what should I blog about, I’ve decided that I’ll write (or type) on something that will bring benefits to me, of course and anyone out there. But, benefits on what? hehehe… I always want to […]